S t e v e   2 0 1 4

F o l k s t o n e  H a r b o u r  ,  F o l k e s t o n e  ,  K e n t , UK.

Corten Steel, Concrete, Fennel 
3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5m 

Commissioned by Folkestone Triennial. Permanantly aquired by Folkestone Artworks.

Steve is an asymmetric monument to all living and future Steve’s. Within the structure is a concrete dias which can be used variously as plinth, seat, table.

The 5 corten panels that created the whole are arranged to clothe the occupant, but at some distant like a grand and weightless cloak that protects the inhabitant as they look out from the interior across the harbour to the ocean.

Photo Credit: Thierry Bal