A l p h o n s o   2 0 2 1

N e w t o n   L e y s ,  B u c k i n g h a m s h i r e ,  U K . 

This public sculpture is designed for a lakeside mound at Newton Leys, in the centre of a new housing. The artwork disappears in two ways, being triangular in plan, the structure disappears when viewed towards its most extended flat iron angle. The eastern face of the artwork is clad in blue and white tile that has the optical effect of camoflaging the stucture on bright sunny days. 

The design development has been progressed in dialogue with a residents steering committee. Together we visited Rushton Lodge, 1482, the magnificant 3 story, 3 sided High Gothic folly where all architectural detail refers to the Catholic trinity. The building was imagined as a ‘Warren Keepers Lodge’ whilst its creator langished in jail for being Catholic. We also spent a day at the brickworks, HG Matthews, where the bricks and tiles will be hand made and wood fired.

Completion of the construction of this artwork is anticipated for March 2021.

w o r k i n g   d r a w i n g s

R u s h t o n   L o d g e

A place making sculpture created in dialogue with a resident’s design team. This brick a tile sculptural archway will disappear and reappear by virtue of its blue and white tiled facade that creates the playful illusion of merging into the actual sky on a light bright day. The second long facade depicts images of native fish, articulated in a pattern of shaped brick and stone. The bespoke brick and tile that the work is to be fabricated from will be made from Oxford clay by HG Matthews in wood fired kilns.