JUNE 2019

cherry pickers (inaugural group show)

podiumpodium.com for location

independent luxembourgish platform for artistic experimentation 

21 - 23 June

MAY 2019

Fish Finger Sandwich Artists Talk
Cubitt Open Studios

11 May

APR 2019

Artists Talk at 4cose, on shopping and sociability, with a brief history of Sarah Staton SupaStore.

6 Apr

MAR 2019

How the West has Won and Lost, 1999 - 2019

How the West has Won and Lost 1999
Bleach on Denim
1.4 x 1.8m
Arts Council Collection, acquired 2000

Published by Flyingleaps 2019 as an editioned poster, and flyposted across the UK from March 2019.

Poster is available to buy here  

FEB 2019

Mustafa Hulusi Posters
Hoxton Street

3 - 10 February

British Museum

‘The world exists to be put on a postcard: artists' postcards from 1960 to now’

7 February - 4 August 2019
Room 90

JAN 2019

zing magazine #25  

curated project: Mycology & Dendrology 

DEC 2018

Adam McEwen Selects
Exhibition and Sale to Benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Arts

November 29 - December 15

Gladstone Gallery
530 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011

Sold to Cecily Brown